Our Mission is to foster a vibrant and inclusive business ecosystem by championing supplier diversity at WashU. Through intentional utilization, shared responsibility, and a commitment to fulfilling institutional needs with a broader equity lens, we aim to increase procurement opportunities to qualified businesses, drive community access and collaboration while amplifying our positive impact.

Supplier Diversity History at WashU

Housed under University Services and within the Resource Management Department, Supplier Diversity has a long standing history in connecting diverse Architects, Engineers, and Construction companies, gaining experience in business development, training and support, and operations. Since its establishment in 1998 and through 2019, Supplier Diversity has focused on providing equitable opportunities to support the construction and facility needs of the university. Based on the results of an internal audit in 2019, the university expanded its commitment beyond construction, to include the operational needs of the university. This commitment is included in the university Here & Next strategic plan

What is Supplier Diversity?

Supplier diversity emerged from a deep-rooted awareness of the shifting landscape in our nation, where stark inequities in business opportunities have been illuminated by lack of access. Our endeavor is to address this imbalance by proactively promoting diverse owned qualified suppliers, cultivating a shared obligation to enhance community engagement with WashU, and channeling our efforts towards meeting institutional requisites with a diverse supplier network. 

Our pursuit resonates deeply with our commitment to equity, community engagement, innovation, and responsible stewardship. It is an embodiment of our university’s ethos and an investment in a more inclusive and prosperous future for both our institution and the communities we serve. 

Together, We Commit.

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