As purchasers, your roles are essential in our efforts to connect, grow, and uplift the diverse owned businesses within our community and beyond. As you spend, we invite you to keep the following in mind as you prepare to fulfill your institutional needs.

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Be Intentional 

We urge everyone to be deliberate in their spending choices, understanding that every dollar we allocate carries the potential to transform lives. Our commitment aligns with our university’s overarching initiative to not only be in St. Louis but for St. Louis. This involves recognizing and seizing opportunities to direct our investments towards the diverse and dynamic diverse owned businesses that constitute our local community as well as across the nation. 

Be a Partner 

We view ourselves as active partners in rebuilding and revitalizing our community. By demonstrating that WashU is an accessible avenue for businesses seeking meaningful procurement interactions, we contribute to the uplifting of local businesses and the economic fabric of the region and nation. 

Be Adaptable

Our approach to supplier diversity offers multifaceted benefits. It encourages flexibility and adaptability in meeting our diverse institutional needs. It introduces variations in pricing that reflect the realities of the broader market landscape. Furthermore, it brings innovation to the forefront by fostering collaborations with a range of creative and diverse suppliers. By embracing this approach, we open the doors to potential cost savings while cultivating personalized, one-on-one relationships with new businesses that extend beyond transactional exchanges. 


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