As a university community, we have a shared responsibility to commit to equity, community engagement, innovation, and responsible stewardship. It is an embodiment of our university’s ethos and an investment in a more inclusive and prosperous future for both our institution and the communities we serve.

Benefits of a Diverse Supply Chain

Inclusivity & Equity

Economic Impact

Community Engagement

Innovation & Creativity

Global Competitiveness

Supplier Diversity Initiatives

While diversifying our supply chain has benefits nationwide, Supplier Diversity has two initiatives that aim to strengthen our region.


Chancellor Martin has called upon all of us at WashU to be in St. Louis for St. Louis, “to look with clear eyes upon our relationship with our region, to deepen that relationship for mutual benefit and to listen, learn and collaborate with local institutions to create new opportunities for health, equity and prosperity for all St. Louisans.” We encourage the university to “buy local” when possible, and even deeper, support local diverse owned businesses. Learn more

STLAAN Partnership

Our partnership with the St. Louis Anchor Action Network, further narrows our regional commitment, focusing on a 22 zip code footprint in the St. Louis city and county that have been impacted by more than a century of systemic racial and spatial inequities. As a STLAAN partner, we are committed to driving equitable investment and economic development to achieve positive collective impact. We encourage the university to support businesses that are located in this 22 zip code footprint.


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