As consumers on campus and in the St. Louis community, your role helps us to foster a vibrant and inclusive ecosystem. As you purchase in our community, we invite you to keep the following in mind to help us champion supplier diversity at WashU. 

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Be Intentional 

Be deliberate with where you spend, and understand that your choice has the potential to transform lives. As our Chancellor has advocated, we are in St. Louis and for St. Louis. Seize opportunities to invest in the diverse and dynamic businesses that constitute our local community. 

Be a Partner 

We view you as active partners in demonstrating that WashU is an accessible place for businesses that have the capabilities to support our campus needs. Through your meaningful interactions, we contribute to the uplifting of diverse owned businesses and the economic fabric of the region and nation. 

Be Adaptable

Help WashU as it brings innovation to the forefront in fostering collaborations with a range of creative and diverse suppliers. With your participation in the community, you aid us in opening the door to potential cost savings that fulfill institutional needs and cultivate relationships that extend beyond transactional exchanges. 


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