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CoffeeStamp Grand Opening

When brothers Patrick & Spencer Clapp moved to the US from Honduras in 2012, they noticed a stark difference between the authentic tastes of hand-picked coffee beans from the farm in Marcala, and the taste of the coffee in the US. In 2018, wanting to bring that genuine experience of coffee for all to indulge, the Clapp brothers started a micro-roastery company, Coffeestamp, which has since transformed into a full-service coffee bar located in Fox Park (2511 S Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, MO 63104).

In 2021, Coffeestamp was invited on campus by Thompson Hospitality to provide samples in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. After tasting the delicious coffee, tea, and infamous empanadas, Thompson Hospitality, the largest minority-owned food service provider in the country, along with WashU Dining Services, took notice. Shortly after, discussions began around partnership and getting them on campus.

Fast forward almost a year to the day they provided samples on campus, the grand opening of Coffeestamp took place September 19th, on the first floor of Hillman Hall at Grounds for Change Cafe. Now students, staff, faculty, and visitors are able to enjoy Coffeestamp! As an added bonus, Bijoux Chocolates, a woman-owned artisan chocolate boutique, will be sold at Coffeestamp as well. With lines wrapped through the hall, it is safe to say that the students, staff, and faculty really enjoy the coffee, tea, and empanadas! To read more on the grand opening, please click here.

Special thanks to WashU Dining, Thompson Hospitality, Bon Appetit, and the Brown School for their efforts to make sure that we have local and diverse business representation on campus, as well as to SOMOS, WashU’s Latinx faculty and staff affinity group for supporting the event.

If you are a diverse owned business and would like to learn more about WashU’s Supplier Diversity department or would like to register your business in our portal.  Please visit our website.