How does a contractor get on the university’s bid list?

The Facilities Department does not have a “bid list”. However, there is a list of “pre-qualified” contractors. This list is shared by both campuses (Hilltop and Medical).

How does a contractor become pre-qualified?

Minority and women-owned contracting firms can contact Supplier Diversity and request an application for pre-qualification. The Pre-qualification Committee performs a periodic review of contractors’ applications. Approved applicants are notified of their approval status and range of work and added to the list of prequalified contractors.

What kind of information is on the pre-qualification application?

The pre-qualification application includes the following:

  • Company Profile
  • Capabilities Statement (Work self-performed)
  • Project History
  • References
  • Union Affiliations and Certifications
  • Employee Profile
  • Financial Statements
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Bonding Capacity
Does a contractor have to be pre-qualified to perform work on campus? What kind of information is on the pre-qualification application?

No. Contractors can also be recruited through a prime contractor that has been awarded a contract for a project on campus. The pre-qualification committee periodically reviews the work performance of contractors that have not been pre-qualified. Those with favorable reviews are notified of their addition to the pre-qualification list for future opportunities.

Does being pre-qualified guarantee work at the university?

No. Contractors are encouraged to market themselves to key contacts in the Facilities department. Although pre-qualification does not guarantee work, it does increase your visibility. The university’s list of pre-qualified contractors is often included in bid solicitations and referred to by prime contractors interested in bidding on projects.

Does the university have a process for quick payment to MBE/WBE firms?

Yes. All certified MBE and WBE firms are paid directly by Washington University 10 days from receipt of the invoice (if all required documentation is submitted). Washington University also offers contractors that hire MBE and WBE subcontractors payment within ten days of receipt of invoice. This process provides for direct payment to MBE/WBE subcontractors, as well as direct payment to general contractors, for their share of the invoice.

How does the university monitor projects to insure compliance with MBE/WBE utilization standards and onsite participation?

Monthly summaries noting on-site work force composition with a breakdown of count by craft and minority classification shall be submitted by the general contractor and accompany all payment applications submitted to the university for projects greater than $200,000. Projects less than $200,000 are submitted at each project’s completion. Direct payments to MBE/WBE contractors are reported on a monthly basis as well.

Is there a list of contacts in Facilities?

Yes. Feel free to visit the Danforth Facilities website or contact Paul Duell (Medical Campus) at 314-362-8387 or