Anika Porter

President of Lifespiration & Author of YOU

Anika Porter is the founder of Lifespiration, a Health and Wellness Business, as well as the author of the inspirational book YOU. Lifespiration is an inspirational marketing firm that helps companies, organizations, groups, and people in general, become emotionally healthy and well. Lifespiration ignites hope and happiness through inspirationally messaged products and campaigns, and assists corporations in boosting and maintaining employees’ morale. Lifespiration believes motivational content is not just about making people feel better about themselves; it’s about showing them how your brand, message, and goods or services can make them feel better about themselves.

Porter’s company continues to maintain developed relationships with the BJC Gift Shop, Missouri History Museum and the University of Illinois-Chicago. Lifespiration has had both a local and national impact, having participated in workshops and conferences across the country, including New York, Kansas City, Detroit, and Nashville, as well as being the opening speaker for St. Louis Business Journal Women’s conference from 2011-2013. 

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